Pool Re-open 12th April 2021

Happily we were able to reopen the Pool on the 12th and are pleased to welcome you back.

We are accepting bookings up to five weeks in advance for now.

Thank you for your custom and kind wishes for this difficult period.

To book a private swimming pool slot with us please fill out the booking form below and continue through the steps

This should only take a few minutes!

Information to help you with each step:

Step 1 ‘Your Availability’ – Please let us know your availability with the date and days below making sure to deselect any days that are inconvenient for you

Step 2 ‘Time Slot’ – Here you will be able to choose a time from our available slots

Step 3 ‘Repeat This Booking?’ – Choose whether you would like this to be a repeat booking

Step 4 ‘Your Details’ – Please enter your details so we can contact you if needed regarding your booking

Step 5 ‘Payment’ – Please select to pay by paypal online. You do not have to have a Paypal account just sign in on the Paypal site as a guest. YOUR BOOKING WILL NOT BE VALID IF YOU DO NOT PAY AND WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED BY THE SYSTEM WHEN A PAYMENT FAILS. Cancellations need to be made 24 hours before your booking time to receive a refund.. There will be a £1 admin charge to cover our costs.

Step 6 ‘Confirm’ – Confirm your booking with us

If you experience any problems booking online and would like us to take your booking over the phone, or would like to cancel your booking please contact Thelma on 01736 788733 or email thelma@boswedden.org.uk