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Boswedden House welcomes people with disabilities and has developed the Access Statement to address some of the more common issues that disabled people face.

This access statement is intended to provide additional information for all guests who wish to attend the house or use its facilities. Recognition has been given to include guests with an impairment, which could include: Mobility, Sight, Hearing, Learning Disabilities or any other hidden impairment.

Boswedden House aims to ensure that all employees, guests and others who use, or assist in, the provision of our services – whether they have a mobility difficulty, a visual impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, are deaf blind, have a speech impairment or difficulty, have a learning difficulty or mental health disability, use a cane, walking frame or crutches, or have any other disability – are treated equally and according to their needs.

We request that anyone wishing to make an enquiry or booking, informs us of any special needs or disabilities that they may have in order for us to meet any personal requirements. All of our staff are considerate of guests who may have special needs.

Boswedden House is located 1 mile from St Just and 9 miles west of Penzance and is situated on the A3071 road approximately 1 mile along towards Cape Cornwall.

Boswedden House has 1 car park all on a level surface situated at the rear of the property. Anyone with mobility needs is welcome to enter at the rear for ease and a parking space could be made available exclusively upon request.

Our Commitment to accessibility

We endeavour to improve accessibility to all our guests and any comments you have would be most welcome. Please pass your comments to any of our staff or contact Thelma Griffiths.

We have outlined below the facilities currently available, in order that you may decide whether we can meet your needs.

Please feel free to discuss any specific requirements with Thelma on 01736 788733 or e-mail relax@boswedden.co.uk and we will do our best to answer your queries. If you feel we’re not quite what you need, try calling Tourist Information at St Just on 01736 788165; they should be able to suggest places in line with your requirements.