We work with local providers to offer a variety of therapies. Sessions take place at Boswedden House or at the local therapist’s office. If you are interested in any of the therapies on offer, please contact us. Alternatively you can you visit our Meet Our Therapists page where you can contact the therapist directly.


Co-counselling enables people to work on issues of their choice in a safe, trusting and peer environment with the accepting support of another person, opening up the possibility for people to get in touch with emotions normally suppressed in other circumstances.

Outdoor Counselling: Using Walk and Talk Therapy

This is a form of therapy that combines traditional counselling with the physical exercsie of walking. Walking while doing therapy may help us to feel like we are moving forward. Walking and being outdoors may help us to open our minds; thinking more clearly, moving through what may be getting in the way to a place where we can see more possibilities.

Past Life Regression

This can offer a powerful look into dynamics that may be affecting your current life from previous lives you’ve had. Understand current life situations from a window of the past.

Person Centred

Person-centered therapy is an effective and popular form of talk-psychotherapy which provides clients with an opportunity to develop an awareness of how their attitudes, feelings and behavior are affecting their lives.

Psychodramatic Bodywork

Psychodramatic Bodywork is unique in that it combines two forms of effective psychotherapy – Psychodrama and Body Work. Psychodrama uses dramatic action methods to free early life trauma and integrate spontaneity in to your life. Bodywork on the other hand uses Safe Touch to help individuals connect with the messages that are held in the body as pain and illness.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy, also known as “spiritual psychology”, looks at the full developmental potential of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. It integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience guiding people on a journey of self awareness into wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos to help them inform people’s conscious lives.