Date(s) - 05/11/2018 - 11/11/2018

Arrival: Monday 5th November (late afternoon)
Departure: Sunday 11th November (after breakfast)


£595 – Payment includes plentiful breakfasts, soup and salad lunches, and the first night’s evening meal here at Boswedden.

Please note that this doesn’t include evening meals, which we’ll eat in local pubs.
Accommodation is in shared rooms.

Background Information:

Myth, deep soul & the state of the world

Once upon a time, when the Sacred King married the Sacred Queen he was promising to husband the land: to marry the earth too, & all her living waters.

Once upon a time, a while later, the Grail myths tell us, the well-maiden guardians were raped, the waters poisoned, the land laid waste by war, competition & conquest, an emphasis on domination, an absence of empathy.

So it wasn’t just the feminine principle symbolised by the well-maidens that was violated. As a result of this the King himself is wounded & impotent; the Queen absent; the earth a Wasteland. In our times we are all wounded.

What does this mean for an individual, a culture, an era – & even more importantly the rest of the natural world? Ultimately, we can’t separate our wellbeing from that of the ecosphere.

… more extensive description on the themes explored can be found here

In this work, in our shared grief we can at least unite in finding ways to drink from these stories, tend our own human wounds & those wounds we’ve inflicted on the multiplicity of other-than-human species & the planet herself. Together, we can explore our unconscious beliefs & values, our losses, our collusion with this dualism & destruction, & support each other in finding positive ways to change.

Together, we’ll explore the archetypal & mythic phases of a shift in consciousness (as I wrote of it in my book mentioned below, further adapted for this century & its troubles) that might help us to bring all those opposites together in relation to our own lives; a necessary step for changing the world. Call it narrative therapy, personal mythology, or eco-soulwork. Or all three & more. Healing the Wasteland.


The sessions will be insightful, demanding & participatory. They’ll also be intimate and revealing. We need trust in each other to work like this. You need to be willing to stay with the challenges of such a journey in the company of others. You also need to be passionate about addressing our impact on the other-than-human.

I have been teaching aspects of this work via my understanding of the Grail material, the Welsh Mabinogi and other magical tales in one form or another since 1991. However, last year was the first in which I offered a face-to-face year-long WELLKEEPERS group; in this case, for women only.

I believe now though that the change needed is best achieved by men & women working together to establish a true & deep conversation between sacred masculine & sacred feminine in our own psyches – for we all have a contrasexual dimension – & with each other. I would very much like to invite a small group of committed courageous women & men to step forward to work with me on these issues of consciousness.

Given the intense nature of such work, this will best suit those who have already embarked on a psychospiritual journey in whatever way, & are familiar with personal enquiry & exploration in relation to their inner life. For this course I request some background details of your life & interests. You will also be asked to find & tend a physical symbolic holy well local to you; at least, if you live in Europe.

How to Register/Apply?

To apply please contact me, with a few brief details about yourself, your interest in this work, and what you might bring to such a group (don’t be modest!). Then I will need a deposit of £300 as soon as I accept you. The balance of £295 is due by August 31st 2018.

About Roselle:

I studied the Grail corpus in its original languages at Cambridge in the 70s. I’ve a qualification in archetypal psychotherapy focusing on the above, have been exploring this psychospiritual & eco-imaginal journey via the Celtic and other wisdom traditions for over 40 years & teaching it for 27, & was commissioned to write a book about it in 1993: ‘RIDING THE DRAGON – myth & the inner journey’, Element Books.

The Small Print:

It’s advisable to book asap. I keep my own fee as low as I can, but I also need to book the hotel so am myself committed and ask that you too commit if I hold you a place.

Please note that if for any reason I cancel the course, your fee is fully refundable.

I know that life can sometimes get in the way of the best plans, but late cancellations can make it hard to refill your place. If you cancel before August 31st, your deposit is refundable minus £50 admin and/or readvertising costs IF I CAN FILL YOUR PLACE. After that refunds are not possible. You might want to consider travel insurance. Please also note that the course fee, if you cancel, is not transferable. Your booking is taken as acceptance of this. See also here.