Date(s) - 10/11/2017 - 12/11/2017

A period of self-discovery using the Archetype, Myths and Traits of Merlin. This is a personal journey of rediscovery of self, your inner drives and soul path. The Merlin Archetype is revealed on the myths of Britain. It is that of Shaman, Wizard, Advisor, Bard and Healer. Which is your path, your calling?

This workshop explores not only the history and myth of The Merlin, but the relevance of this title today. All those attending will be invited to become members of The Fellowship of Merlin, some may choose to bring service to their hearths and communities by becoming a member of the Order of Glas Tann (the sacred tree) and so aspiring to be The Merlin in their hearth – supporter, activist, consul and guide.


These are fully residential courses based at Boswedden House, Cape Cornwall.

An idyllic location to undertake what promises to be a unique space for your journey of personal and self-development.

Situated on the Land’s End Peninsula in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Far West of Cornwall, Boswedden House provides a beautiful, tranquil and comfortable environment for our workshops.

The accommodation is en-suite; there is a swimming pool and sauna available for our use. There is also an attractive garden has a labyrinth and fire-pit which we will be taking advantage of during the weekend.


You can arrive on the Friday afternoon so you will have time to explore the house and grounds, relaxing after your journey. We make a more formal start around 6.00pm with an evening meal, a getting-to-know you  session and an exploration of the course materials and content.

The workshop sessions continue during Saturday and Sunday with a formal ‘parting ceremony’ on Sunday afternoon.

We are pleased to say that Bramble Witch will be catering for us during the weekend. She will prepare some exciting Vegan food. So, for those who are Vegan you may discover some new dishes and, for the non-Vegan, it will be a great opportunity to explore just how tasty a Vegan diet can be.


£350 per person. The cost of the workshop includes:

All refreshments; evening meal on the Friday, breakfast, lunch and evening meal on the Saturday; breakfast, lunch and a packed teatime snack for you to take with you on the Sunday.

Information and Booking:

For more Information and to book please contact Sue and Alan on