Date(s) - 17/09/2017

9.30am for a 10am start until 1pm


Family Systemic Constellations works to resolve trauma suffered in the Ancestral field, which entangles us today. It is Shamanic work.


I’m excited and grateful to be guided to bring this work forward, for the first time here in Cornwall (hopefully the first of many more such meetings).


Nadia works from a solid professional training of 2 years with CSC headed by Judith Hemming whom she understudied, the grandmother of Bert Hellinger’s work here in the UK. She also has 7 years Shamanic training with Northern Drum.

Individual ‘Issue Holders’ have the resource and support of the circle, facilitated by Nadia Hosein, to experience what comes forward from the ancestors’ story to be healed – traumas that stayed … in the system, manifesting in our lives as stagnation, cyclical barriers, illness, wounded masculine and feminine and addictions….

Healing movements are made, who or what has been lost to the system becomes seen and potentially reunited and peace is brought in.

You are welcome to take your place in the community circle to assist the healing of one or two individuals. Which in turn brings healing to self and all…

Each ‘issue holder’s’ constellation is held for approx an hour or whatever is needed.
This workshop enables 3 ‘issue holder’ places.

Everyone present receives deep soul healing as those in the circle take the place of a ‘Representative’ of an ancestor in the constellation, or are part of the holding circle.

Nothing is needed to be known before hand as the field will bring forth all that is known. No acting, interpretation or analysis is required.

Those in partnership and single Men and Women involved or interested in their own wound healing journey are especially welcome.

Experiencing the work is vital to healing ancestral trauma and thus healing our relationship with our present and our future.

As fathers brothers son uncles and grandfathers are part of all our lives Nadia makes a special call out to men of all ages above 20 yrs old to gather with us… you are badly needed and will be most welcome.


Donations from £20 per person will be welcome and payable on the day.
Reserving your place is essential which you will be doing by accepting the invitation – as your place will be prepared for you in advance of arrival.


I look forward to sitting with you in circle for the good of the people.
If you feel called to share this event with like-minded friends, then a bigger
gathering will provide stronger support.
With Love
Nadia Wind Horse


For more Information and to Book:
Please call Nadia on 07751305143 with any questions, queries or concerns you may have.