Date(s) - 02/09/2017 - 09/09/2017

About Maureen Murnan:
I have been a working Medium for the last 30 years, Mediumship has always been an aspect of my developing personality. As a child I just did not understand what was happening to me and why I felt so different from other children my age, even those within my family. I just knew thing, felt things and was very aware that I was not alone, I could sense unseen people around me. From 4 years of age when we lived briefly in a very old mill house, I was often wakened at night by the vision of an old lady hovering over my bed. Up until the age of puberty I had regular out of the body experiences, but didn’t know why or how these things happened to me.

At 15 years old I lost my Grandfather, one of the few trustworthy and loving male influences of my life. I went each night from school, to the funeral home to see him before they took him away for burial. At age 20 my Grandmother, who was a very natural mediumistic woman, had a Cerebral Haemorrhage and was close to death, I went to see her one afternoon in the hopes she would get well. It was here that I came face to face with my first objective spirit encounter, so real and solid was this spirit, that I assumed she was a visitor. I spoke to her for several minutes as she slowly started to fade before my eyes. I was shocked and then excited when upon describing the woman and seeing a photo, I discovered that she was my great Grandmother who died years before my birth. She was my Grandmothers Mother, and I just knew she had come for Grandma, three days later my grandma passed.

In late 20’s after the loss of an uncle I went to my first spiritualist church, there I soon joined a circle and began the journey of development. That journey took me to the Arthur Findlay College where I finally learned, Developed and understood my Mediumistic Soul.

After just five years I was offered the opportunity to train as a college Tutor, my mediumistic ability had lead me to acquire quite a passion for teaching and helping others towards their own Mediumistic goals. So this part of the journey felt like a natural conclusion and I loved the challenge.

Up to now I have been a Tutor of the AFC for just over 20 years, I love this aspect of my work. Not only do I get to serve the Spirit through communication, but also by helping to secure the future workers of Spirit.

I am also a course organiser through my own courses, as well as having the opportunity to work on many courses alongside many of my colleagues, who’s work I admire, but also have the privilege of calling them friends.

The students I have met from all over the world have been the icing on life’s cake, and I can truthfully say that there are many more good people in this world than there are negative ones.
I hope and pray that I will get many more years ahead of me where I will be blessed to meet even more of you, new faces or familiar faces, it is always a pleasure to walk the journey by your side, I hope I can support and guide you towards your own expanded horizons, and your professionalism in Mediumship.

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