Date(s) - 17/06/2016 - 19/06/2016

Dying to Live

Suitable for anyone facing death in the next 90 yrs…

A reflective, meditative, poignant, life changing and fun weekend!


17th eve, 18th, 19th June 2016 in Cornwall


We live in a society conditioned to deny death. It’s a taboo subject and is often seen as a failure or at best ‘unfortunate’. We live as if we live forever, ignoring the truth of change and impermanence. Yet the acknowledgement of them holds the key to life itself. To be truly conscious in our lives and present to each moment means to ‘let-go’- to die to the last moment and open to the next-to live and die consciously, moment to moment. Death is the ultimate ‘let-go’. From the moment of our birth our bodies are dying, so the more we face the fears of our own death the more we are able to love and celebrate our lives now.

This weekend is not just about the ‘big death’ at the end of life but also about all the ‘little deaths‘…the transitions… child to adult. .. married … divorced … menopause… growing older. etc

We will use image-making, meditation, writing and other experiential ways of exploring these themes

To support participants on their own inner journey they will be asked to stay in silence during the workshop.


£155 or £145 ‘early bird’ by 28th May (Non-residential)


Accommodation is not provided in the cost but can be booked at Boswedden for a special B&B price or camping is also available. Please call 01736 788733 to book accommodation


Archa Kate Robinson RGN. ONC. Also Sans, Vimlan & Jane

To book or info call: 01736 799231 or 07968959540 or email:


Bookings are closed for this event.