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Biodanza Experience:

In January 2000, I started training as a Biodanza teacher. This involved intensive monthly, weekend trainings in London at the Ballet Rambert premises in Chiswick. Biodanza is an amazing Healing system using specific evocative music, movement, interaction with another person/persons/group, entering the Here and Now and allowing for the deepest Self Expression in that moment.

It is the progressive work, since the 1960’s of the late Professor Rolando Araneda Toro, a Medical Anthropologist / Psychologist. His genius was to successfully deepen and take to the next level the work of Jung, Freud, Maslow, Reich etc., letting go of verbal exchanges in preference to Being Now, using the above-mentioned modalities. It enables participants to safely dissolve unwanted barriers created through previous negative experiences/traumas in our lives. I am honoured to have been elected as the Chairman of the Teachers association from 2008 to April 2011. Having seen over the years how it can safely help people transform, my passion is to make Biodanza a house-hold name as soon as possible, with the help of my collegues and students.

Unlike many psychotherapeutic models, Biodanza is not cathartic nor traumatic and does not involve re-living of previous experiences. On the contrary, it is fun, increases vitality and is often transcendent and euphoric! Healing occurs on a cellular level (have a look at the research!), using music, movement and dance.Can you think of a more pleasurable way to heal yourself? Dance into Bliss – come and enjoy Biodanza!

About Altair:
I have been training in Holistic Medicine since 1975. My studies have covered a wide range of Holistic Medicine, including Counselling, Feng Shui, Meditation, Nutrition, and Spiritual Healing, among others.

Over the last 3 decades I have been continually honing my skills of Holistic Medicine in Malvern, Worcestershire to include powerful life-enhancing holistic therapies treating mind, body and spirit via Acupuncture, Shiatsu (Acupressure), Tai Chi (Taiji), Qigong (Chi Kung) & Biodanza. Have a look at the individual pages for more details of the therapies mentioned.

I am professionally qualified in 5 streams of Holistic Medicine, which though connected, are separate systems in their own right. Each training was a minimum of 3 years and some as long as 7 years! I humbly make that distinction, because many therapists qualify after as little as a weekend training, and others after 6 months at Adult Education colleges. As a result of my intensive trainings I draw on my experience of over 35 years to tailor a treatment more specifically tuned to my clients or students needs. The outcomes are therefore more holistic and faster than a practitioner newly qualified or one trained in a single system.

When I, as a practitioner of Holistic Medicine, seek to treat ‘the whole person’, building up a pattern of the persons energetic state is rather like painting a pointillist picture. I spend about two hours on the first consultation talking with my client, noticing subtle sensory clues like facial colour, sound in the voice, as if creating a structure of dots and colours of information. I then stand back as it were, and notice the overall pattern and gaps in the integrity of the energy system. Diagnosis is therefore a multi-layered process and treatment is planned to stimulate the person’s own resources to restore balance and harmony on the appropriate physical, mental,emotional and spiritual levels.

Apart from my experience of several thousand individual treatment sessions since I became a full time Practitioner of Holistic Medicine in 1988, I have specialised in Lifestyle changes, which help my clients develop habits that enhance a return to optimum health. By enabling my clients to make these changes I have found that they often advance to a lifetime of Improving Health and Peace of Mind, which is inspiring to both of us!

Only recently (15th August 2015) did I come across the teachings of the world-famous Dr John H. Shen, from New York, (born Shanghai 1914 -2000).
”Dr. Shen repeatedly said, “Chinese Medicine is in the life lived”. More specifically, he said, “In Chinese medicine, ten percent is treatment, and ninety percent in the life and how you live it”.
He was explaining that the truly successful practice of Chinese medicine comes not just from the application of herbs or acupuncture, but also from attempts to understand patients’ lives, ascertain the cause(s) of their complaints, and help them to achieve lasting change through altering the way they live.”

When I read that I was enthralled, because that’s what I’ve been practicing for 27 years. That’s why I put such emphasis on giving my patients simple, do-able practices that will enhance their lives, based on my in-depth study of many disciplines. These practices change their lives, sometimes dramatically.

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