This was the second time we used Boswedden house for our Tanzpro Biodanza Aquatica teacher training.

I invited a world renowned Biodanza researcher/teacher, Dr Marcus Stueck from the University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, Germany to conduct the training.

He loved the venue and the beautifully warmed ‘body temperature’ pool, as well as the lovely welcome by Thelma and Nigel. The food was wonderful and the staff very friendly and always helpful. Marcus loved the whole support so much, he has made this centre the international focus for his future Biodanza Aquatica trainings. He’ll be calling it the ‘Cape Cornwall International Tanzpro Biodanza Aquatica centre. There will be students coming from all over the world for this unique training.

Despite it being a long way from London etc. he felt his future students ‘pilgrimage’ to this area will be worth the effort to travel. This session in addition to local UK Biodanza teachers we had several teachers arriving from Norway and the USA.


I highly recommend this venue for training/retreats.